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Camelot® is one of the fastest growing companies in the world today. We are widely recognized as a company with steady growth both by the world and by the state and the scientific and business world in many parts of the world. As a result of this development in recent years, the need has arisen to have more Camelot® representatives everywhere.

If you wish:


Holidays and trips


Positive professional


Personal recognition
& prizes

All this can happen to you at Camelot®!

How can I start?

It is simple! Initially you will have to start with an interview. If you are subsequently accepted as a health consultant, Camelot® will offer a training program to you, so that you are prepared for your new position. In addition, our support team will help you a lot in your training course. The sooner you start training, the sooner you will start to win. Possibility for earning There is no limit to the amount of revenue you can earn. Your income will depend on:
You can start earning money right after the end of your training program. Camelot®‘s development program can give you financial independence and security. Excellent trips and prizes Your efforts are rewarded with wonderful trips to exotic destinations all over the world. Camelot® has already organized a number of trips until now, e.g. to Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Thailand, America etc.

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