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Hello, how can I help?
1. Is it true that tap and bottled water is responsible for many illnesses?

Of course. It has been fully proven by scientific studies that the water is responsible for 80% of all illnesses, therefore if the water is not clean and filtered, all dangerous substances in the water such as lead, asbestos fibers, chemical pesticides, chlorine, nitrates, arsenic, hexavalent chromium etc. will produce various illnesses.

Also, according to researches, 25 million people die every year from bottled water, because in most of them there are plasticizers, bisphenol A, pathogens, and generally because this water is already damaged, as it often undergoes high temperature and remains in the bottle for a long period without being consumed.

2. My water is chlorinated. Is chlorine harmful?

Naturally. It has been fully proven by hundreds of tests and bodies that chlorine is responsible for cancer, miscarriages, liver and kidney damages, reproduction and fertility problems, nervous conditions, damages to the immune system etc. It should consequently be removed before we consume the water and this can be achieved with the correct water filtration.

3. Some people choose bottled water as a solution. Is it safe for their health?

First of all, you must know that 59% of the bottled water sold all over the world does not come from sources, but is filtered, processed water from surface or underground sources (rivers, lakes,  drilling, the water supply system) and has undergone treatment and purification in order to be ready for consumption. Essentially, other people do what we could do ourselves at home with special filters, and sell it at a price 500 to 1000 times higher than the cost of the water from the pipeline.

However, regarding the question whether it is safe for our health, the answer is NO. This is because many researches have shown that bottled water contains a larger number of dangerous contaminants than tap water, such as dangerous pathogens. An increase of heterotrophic bacteria up to 1000 times higher has been mentioned after storing it for three weeks. Additionally, we may also find dangerous chemical substances from the plastic bottle such as cancer-causing plasticizers.

Moreover, if we read the label on the bottle, it bears the indication: “To be kept in a cool place protected from light, in temperatures not higher than 180 C”. But the bottles are most often transported in open trucks and stored or placed on shelves in very high temperatures, which means that when we buy them, they are already spoiled.

Also, if we look at the sell-by date, we see that this water may remain still, preserved in the plastic bottle for over 1 year and then be used by us. Really, how many would eat their food constantly out of a can, for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

The same is exactly true for “canned”, i.e. bottled water. It is also expensive and not practical, since its frequent transport is quite difficult, while most people usually simply drink it and do not wash their food or cook with it. Finally, it is harmful to the environment and our planet, because tons of oil and water are used for the transport and the production of the plastic bottles, while they pollute the environment, because when bottles are burned in incinerators, chloric acid, heavy metals and dioxins are produced to the environment. It must also be noted that the plastic bottle needs 300-500 years for its disintegration.

4. Must we use clean water in our meals and beverages?

Of course. Otherwise, we will consume food or beverages with all dangerous contaminants and in big quantities, with all the consequences for our health.

5. Must we wash our foodstuff (fruit, vegetables, meat, fish etc.) with clean filtered water?

Definitely. Otherwise, if we wash them with chlorinated water, big quantities of chlorine by-products will be absorbed by them and we will consume them massively. In chlorinated water, carcinogenic trichloromethanes are produced which are ingested with the use of chlorinated water.

6. Do we also need clean water without chlorine in the shower and bath?

It has been shown that during the shower our skin absorbs as much or even more chlorine and other dangerous chemicals of the kind that our body will absorb if we drink unfiltered tap water. During a warm shower, the skin pores open, thus allowing the rapid absorption of chlorine and other dangerous chemicals. Moreover, because of the fact that chlorine and other chemicals evaporate at a low temperature and at a faster rate than water turns into steam, we inhale it during the shower where particularly high levels of chlorine steams have concentrated with long-term future consequences.

7. Can we clean water by boiling?

No. Boiling cannot clean water of asbestos fibers, lead, the various dangerous chemicals like pesticides etc. Boiling makes the contaminants more concentrated and dangerous, exactly because part of the water evaporates. By boiling we only kill the germs which are not heat-resistant, but we do not kill those that are.

8. What about water filtering jugs or other small filters? Do they clean the water?

Water filtering jugs or other small filters connected to the tap are not essentially manufactured in order to clean water; they just remove some odor, a small part of chlorine and also small parts of other elements. They are not capable of reducing or removing asbestos fibers or polycyclic aromatic carbons or iron, cysts, bacteria, pharmaceutical substances etc.

9. What about ultraviolet radiation filters (UV lamp) and why do you not have systems with this technology?

Ultraviolet radiation filters radiate water and they need electricity in order to function. With UV radiation, substances in water may allow microbes to “hide” behind these substances, preventing the radiation from killing them. Some infective agents may also cover the mechanism of UV lamps, preventing the required quantity of light from reaching the microorganisms and killing them, therefore it is necessary to change these lamps often, otherwise they stop functioning correctly after 2-3 months. Cysts can only be filtered by special filters corresponding to standards designed specifically for the removal of cysts.  How many would really accept drinking every day water which has earlier passed through rays? If a filter has UV radiation, then it has no external filters to collect pathogens which finally penetrate and enter the filtered water. UV radiation is moreover only for microorganisms and not for chemical contaminants, while when it kills bad microorganisms, it also kills the good ones which we need. It has finally been shown that it turns the water inactive, i.e. the water does not have the energy it must have anymore (page 30).

10. What about reverse osmosis filters and why do you not sell systems with this technology?

Reverse osmosis filters remove metallic salts and render the water distilled, de-ionized, and therefore unhealthy, undrinkable (read the instructions of a de-ionized water from the Super Market). Two very important consequences for your health which will occur when you consume water with its metallic salts removed are 1) that demineralized water contains more hydrogen which is an acid with PH lower than 7. Every time an acid substance is consumed, the body will remove metallic salts from teeth and bones in order to create bicarbonate and balance the acid out, which means that the water becomes offensive, removing calcium from the spine and teeth with destructive consequences for your health. This water is also without energy, with everything that implies for your health. 2) It has been shown that when body liquids turn acid instead of alkaline, the production of free radicals increases, with increased probabilities for cancer. Reverse osmosis filters, moreover, do not effectively prevent bacteria and viruses. They cause a big waste of water, because for every 3 liters of treated water, 8 liters are consumed and poured away. As time passes, the membrane becomes filthy and their effectiveness is reduced. Finally, due to the crushing of microorganisms, a very dangerous toxin is released and enters the treated water with serious consequences for your health, and especially for children and adults.


ATTENTION: This water is for use in batteries, clothes irons, for bathing and washing dishes and not for drinking.

11. I have witnessed a test with an appliance (electric gravity purifier) and it changed the color of the tap water and another filtered water, not of their own filter, which is reverse osmosis? Is this proof that my water is not clean while theirs is?

Salespeople using electrical gravity devices or water gravity appliances are a typical example of consumer deception, with the help of statements about what the test shows and what it does not show.  The test only shows the levels of salts or inorganic substances of water hardness and provides no information about quality or the presence of possible contaminants dangerous for health.

12. Do the certifications of a filter play a role or are they all the same?

It is very important for someone to see the various certifications that exist and which bodies issued them. There are companies in the sector exploiting people’s ignorance which claim to have certification by entities. But when they are asked to show them, they have nothing. Another important factor are the parameters for the tests. For example, some filters may have certification by an organization regarding removal of a parameter such as chlorine.  But that does not mean that it removes all the rest also. So, it is very important to check whether it has been tested for different parameters. Finally, there are companies which have a certificate about removal of dangerous contaminants by a local laboratory. Local and small laboratories do not have the means for in-depth testing for all dangerous substances and are not trustworthy.

13. Do microns play a role in a pharmaceutical activated carbon filter?

Of course. Microns have a primary role in pharmaceutical activated carbon filters, because the smaller the size the better the filtration. Specifically, the microns in Imperial Maximum are 0,1 while those in Imperial Plus are below 0,3 micron. So, they remove all pathogens from our water because the smallest diameter of a pathogen is over 0.7 micron. Attention: the microns of the reverse osmosis filters may appear smaller, but they turn water into distilled water, which is dangerous and should not be consumed. Read page 135 about reverse osmosis filters.

14. Does carbon quality play a role?

Carbon quality plays a very important role in water absorption and its ability to remove dangerous contaminants from water. The quality of activated pharmaceutical carbon in Imperial Maximum and Imperial Plus is among the most expensive available ones, it is produced in an island in Hawaii exclusively for our factories in America and is derived from coconut bark.

It has moreover the capability of absorption equal to hundreds of thousands of square meters. Attention: there is also synthetic carbon in other filters the performance of which is minimal and often dangerous. Qualities are also different with different cost and effectiveness.

15. Do your systems remove good metallic salts from water?

Systems like Imperial Maximum, Imperial Plus and Columbia II Plus do not remove good metallic salts and trace elements from water which remain and need to be in it. Aqua Vie and Columbia D initially removes them, because purification is done by distillation, however after that, as the water passes through metallic salt cartridges, they acquire the necessary metallic salts from them which the human body needs. Their acquisition is done in a similar way as when the water, passing through the rocks of the earth, acquires metallic salts.

16. I have water from a well or water of unknown quality. Can you clean it?

Of course. Our systems, like Columbia D and Aqua Vie, are capable of cleaning water from anything, as they evaporate it and create it from the beginning into H2O i.e. clean, pure water, so there is essentially no need to check the quality of this particular water.

17. Do your systems remove pathogenic microorganisms?

Our systems, such as Aqua Vie and Columbia D, because they evaporate the water and re-create it from the beginning, remove pathogenic microorganisms by 100%. Our systems like Imperial Maximum, Imperial Plus and Columbia II Plus have membranes of 0,1 micron and below 0,2 micron respectively, while the smallest diameter of pathogenic microorganisms is over 0,7 micron. Therefore, pathogenic microorganisms will be retained externally in the membranes of Imperial Maximum and externally in the ceramic filter of Columbia II Plus and will never enter the filtered water.

18. Do your systems have the capacity to clean water in a trustworthy and guaranteed way in areas with hexavalent chromium and areas with arsenic?

Our systems Columbia D, Aqua Vie, are guaranteed to provide in these areas clean water, free from any dangerous contaminants like hexavalent chromium or arsenic, boron or anything else that might exist.

19. Why should I get a water purification system from you?

For the guaranteed quality it will offer you for a lifetime. It will give you for one year guaranteed clean – healthy water up to the last glass before you change internal filters. The International Health Organization Camelot has been contributing since 1945 in the development and maintenance of people’s health, offering them modern and scientifically documented solutions.

Camelot water purification systems have been created after yearlong research and examinations by large organizations, such as the Ministry of Health Care Services of California, Ortech International, F.D.A, NSF, ( Only models Imperial M, Imperial P and Camelot V are NSF Certified to Standards 42 and 53 ), WQA of America, Thessaloniki Aristoteles University and many more. Our systems will certainly give you in a safe and guaranteed way the cleanest, healthiest and better-tasting water, precisely because we use the most modern technology and the best materials.

They will moreover offer you ease and of course value for money, in contrast to the expense for the transport and purchase of bottled water of dubious quality which cause a huge cost for drinking, cooking and washing your foodstuffs. Our systems Imperial Maximum, Columbia II Plus and Imperial Plus provide a higher performance, ease and less maintenance, because they require changing the filters once a year and not more often, as is the case with most filters. They are also made of stainless steel which is guaranteed for a lifetime in contrast to other filters.  Columbia D and Aqua Vie are guaranteed for 3 years. Finally, the experienced health advisors we have will provide you with all the solutions required.

20. We had a phone call from another company and they proposed a filter which is quite low-cost. Will it clean my water?

No, you are most probably deceiving yourselves. You must be very careful when you buy a water filter, as it regards your health and that of your family and you must not deceive yourself that you are drinking clean water when you are not. There are filters of dubious quality in the market, some with UV lamps with all consequences, without official certificates, which, when their filtered water is examined, in most cases it has many chemical pollutants and more.

That is why, when you make an appointment with them or when you go to a store where water filters are sold, you must call a Camelot representative to be present at the same time, so that you can make comparisons and avoid deception, in order to get the best water purification system for your family in the most cost-effective way.

After that, the choice and the decision you will make will be the right one and you will be drinking clean– healthy water avoiding deception, since you will be needing clean– healthy water for a lifetime. So, call us and we will help you.

21. Do I really have to change the internal filters of Imperial Maximum and Imperial Plus after a year according to their specifications or can I continue using their internal filters for longer without replacing them, as I am not a large family?

Camelot water purification systems provide top performance and ease. However, in order to maintain their performance, the internal filters must be replaced in the indicated periods of time determined both by the factory which manufactures them and by the NSF (National Science Foundation of America), which has examined their manufacture materials and certified their capacities. The indicated time period is one year or after cleaning some thousands of liters of water, depending on the water quality.

The reasons why it is considered necessary to replace it in time and to protect the quality of the water you and your family consume are the following:

We must all know that all materials have a determined shelf life, e.g. milk, if we want to use them after the date on the packaging, we will see that its taste changes day by day and then it becomes dangerous for our health, the same is true about a can.

Even a piece of cloth will after some years – even if we do not use it – lose its resistance and tear at the slightest pressure, the tires of a car, even if we barely circulate, need to be changed after the date set by the manufacturer, because they will not respond on the road.

Medicines lose their effectiveness after the date indicated and do not fulfill their purpose

The same is true about Camelot’s manufacture materials. When even one glass of water passes through the filter and the activated pharmaceutical carbon is activated, its life duration is one year.

After the year it gradually starts to not remove contaminants and as time passes accumulated contaminants escape into the water. The other manufacturing materials also have a lifetime of one year and they gradually stop retaining the contaminants; after a long period of time they turn into contaminants themselves.

That is why the “internal” filters must change after one year, in order to provide you with guaranteed, clean and healthy water.

22.Must I really change the “cartridges” in Aqua Vie or Columbia D according to their specifications or can I continue using their internal “cartridges” for longer without replacing them?

The “cartridges” must be changed once a month because they are made like this in order to enrich water with the necessary metallic salts. They must moreover be changed every month because of the pharmaceutical carbon they contain. The life duration of a cartridge is of one month from the moment it is used.

23. Can I keep the water after its treatment?

What we recommend is that you keep the treated clean water for 4-5 days.

24. Many times when we put filtered water in the electric kettle or in a pot to boil it, a white residue can be observed. Does this mean that my water is not clean?

Your (filtered) water from the CAMELOT systems is clean. The white residue is metallic salts like calcium, magnesium etc. which must be in our drinking water and which must not be retained by our systems.

They simply settle at the bottom and the walls of the kettle or the pot during boiling and the partial evaporation produced.

25. There are similar internal filters by other companies; can I use them and install them in your systems?

ATTENTION: There are “knockoff” filters which are dangerous. The internal filters must be changed only with the manufacturer’s filters according to the specifications of the device and with no other. An internal filter may appear similar in size and install correctly in the device. However, even the slightest difference in size could allow water to pass around the internal filter and not through it.

Moreover, not certified filters do not have the same quality as the internal filter proposed by the manufacturer, and the carbon may also be of different quality and of different technology in micron.   This leads to loss of reduction capacity of the contaminants or even introduces various dangerous contaminants into our water if the filter does not correspond to the lowest safety levels regarding materials. It might even consist of dangerous and in some cases toxic materials not approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of America) rendering treated water even worse than incoming tap water.

Since the water filtering systems are tested for the safety of the materials and the effectiveness of the particular internal filters of the specific devices, it is necessary to use always the correct “internal” filter. By using the correct internal filter and with its change in the required time period the protection of the health of the whole family is fully ensured and therefore its purpose is fulfilled completely.

26. Why do you not have water filters for the central supply?

We do not have water filters for the central supply because when any filtering takes place at the beginning of the supply the water is re-contaminated before it reaches our tap and very dangerous pathogens for our health develop as chlorine is now absent. The water must definitely be filtered at the kitchen tap for us to have safe clean healthy running water. The water can also be re-contaminated by chemical contaminants such as plasticizers and lead and other chemical contaminants from the pipes. The filters must always be installed at the water exit.

27. Which are the points I must pay attention to when I have to choose a water purification filter?

1) You have to check if the company which is going to provide you is trustworthy and has a long presence in the sector, in order to be sure that you will find spare parts and immediate service, as it is a common occurrence in many cases for someone to be looking for parts and be unable to find them because the company has closed. CAMELOT has had a dynamic and respect-worthy presence since 1980.

2) It is important that the company you choose and its people have enough knowledge in relation to water and water purification systems. Camelot’s people are specialized and certified by the larger American entity regarding water quality (Water Quality Association) and of course continuous information and training in whatever is new in science and technology.

3) It is necessary that there is a client service department and a competent technical department for any eventuality, so that they can serve you immediately and correctly.

4) It is also important that the product you choose has certifications regarding retaining contaminants by official entities, so that it provides you and your family with the protection you need. Usually, many competitive products may have some certification, but in most cases they have been tested for few parameters and not for the tens of different chemical and dangerous substances. Also important is the fact that you must make certain that it will not remove the metallic salts necessary for the human body. For example, reverse-opposite osmosis systems remove them.

5) Often, some people experiment with a chlorine detector in new replacement filters trying to prove to you that chlorine is removed. However, the specific experiment must be repeated after one year e.g. for you to see whether it continues removing chlorine. It is a common occurrence for other competitive filters to remove chlorine in the beginning and after approx. 20 days to fail to remove even that. In this specific case therefore, you were simply deceiving yourself thinking that you were drinking clean water.

(Camelot’s partners always carry out this experiment before removing the old internal replacement filter and replacing it by a new one).

6) Therefore, your first care must not be to buy the cheapest filter in the market, deluding yourself that it will provide protection for your health, since especially in the filter category you get what you pay for.

This is not the case with a chair for example, where it does not matter which one you will buy, as the purpose and the result will be the same: you will sit.

It is a water purification filter which, depending on its capacities, will remove the dangerous contaminants from water, therefore you will have to focus your interest on the effectiveness of your filter. In addition, tap water and bad nutrition contribute as a basic cause for 70% of illnesses.

But if you want a less expensive filter, we can provide you with a corresponding solution with much better effectiveness results in relation to the price compared with those generally available.

CAMELOT is a pioneer in this sector and the basic reason for it is experience and respect to the client. The huge production and the extensive distribution worldwide of CAMELOT water purification systems reduces cost for us, while you benefit from it.

7) So, before you choose a water filter, it is good to have compared it with our systems, because the decision you make will also be the one considered the best possible for you.

28. Why do you not have water filters for the fridge?

1) Filters must not be installed in fridges because water is re-contaminated by pathogens and their multiplication.

2) The water is re-contaminated by chemical copper contaminants (from copper pipes) and lead (from the connections), as well as dangerous plasticizers.

29. If the nozzle turns green, what does it mean? And how do you respond to this problem?

If the nozzle turns green, this means bad maintenance of the device, i.e. non-sterilization of the nozzle.

We put the nozzle in vinegar in order to break down any salts which have been concentrated and in order to clean it we pour alcohol on the nozzle and inside it in order to sterilize it and then once a week we pour alcohol on the rim and in the nozzle in order to avoid such problems (as it happens in the rivers where water runs on stone and turns green, it happens because of the aerobic microorganisms which are good microorganisms and create the green color).

30. Can I dispose of the used part away with the waste?

You can dispose of the used replacement filter with your normal household waste. It will not release any chemical contamination, but it can possibly absorb some contamination factors exposed in the waste.

31. Do I have to sterilize my filter in any way?

Yes! It is good to put some alcohol on the rim of your filter. The reason is that someone might inadvertently have touched it with dirty hands or even some foodstuff, e.g. meat, may have touched the nozzle and contaminated it. Therefore, you sterilize the nozzle internally and externally with alcohol or some other sterilizing agent. You can ask your advisor to explain the process to you.

Camelot® International Health Organization has been providing quality products worldwide since 1980.
Free Examination of water parameters
Daily scientific studies in our laboratories
14 Filtering stages
The highest International certifications
Without Chlorine
It removes the chlorine produced by the by-products of chlorination: dangerous chemical compounds related with cancer, kidney diseases and other illnesses
Without pesticides
Our systems remove chemical pesticides which destroy bone marrow, create cancer, kidney damage etc.
Without Lead
It enters into the water from the lead pipes and causes very serious problems to our nervous system, connected with high blood pressure, cerebrovascular accidents, heart attacks etc.
Without PAH
It removes polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons caused by forest fires, car exhaust fumes, liquid industrial waste.
Without Asbestos Fibers
It removes the asbestos fibers which can easily appear in our water because of the erosion of asbestos piping and more and are a cause of cancer.
Without Pharmaceutical Substances
Our systems remove the pharmaceutical substances of people or animals which cause increase in reproductive irregularities, premature adolescence etc.

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