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Imperial Plus Water Filter Cartridge

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Replacement filter life:
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The most expensive medical grade activated carbon is used to make the filters of IMPERIAL, which is specially treated for maximum performance, to allow the highest absorption of chemical poisons that are rapidly absorbed.

There are several types of carbon that consumers should be aware of.

For instance, although artificial carbon – that is really cheap – can partly remove chlorine, it also adds to the water harmful elements of unspecified type in most cases.

Moreover, there are other types of activated carbon that depend on the type of plant or tree being the raw material, on which its quality – and thus its price – are also dependent on.

In particular, as far as IMPERIAL PLUS® is concerned, the most expensive quality of medical grade activated carbon is used, produced in an Island of Hawaii and exclusively available to our factories, while with the most specific, accurate treatment and the special technique of ULTIPOR®, Ν66™ Nano Impregnate Technology is far ahead of the competition in terms of its efficiency.

No need for bottled water, no need to carry bottles or afford their expensive cost, saving more than $700 per annum.

Really easy replacement of the internal cartridge.

Before choosing a filter either from us or from elsewhere, you should also read the points to pay attention to when selecting a water cleaning system, as well as the Frequently Asked Questions.

It’s worth it to spend just a few cents per day to have the cleanest and most healthful water for you and your family. As you will see, it is the best GIFT you could give to yourself and your family. You could also recommend us to all your loved friends and relatives. Such an investment is WORTH it, both for your health and for your family’s health!

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