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Imperial Maximum Tap water filter

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Replacement filter life:
1 Year
Maximum operating temperature: 85F / 29.5C
Minimum operating pressure (psig): 25
Micron Cleaning Capacity Diameter: 0.1
Quantity of water purifier (Gallons): 15000


Most part of the human organization is Water. There is water in every cell and tissue of every human being. It is very basic for every vital function and very important as because of the organics and inorganic can be dissolved in our organization.

The problem

Last 50 years our water is not the same as in the past. It has been contaminated by a lot of causes. Chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides used for better agricultural products, industrial rejected, acid rain, lead water pipes are only some of the main contaminants in the water of the rivers, lakes and underground water. It is like a bomb in our home. Today it is believed by the scientists that the water is the reason for arteriosclerosis, cancer, kidney diseases and several degenerative diseases.


In the long-term the tap water will be the cause for several problems to our health.

Bottled Water

Investigations by U.S.A. “Association for the Consumer Protection" have proved that in many occasions the bottled water contains much more harmful contaminants than the tap water does. Besides chemical substances result from the plastic material of the bottles can be found in the bottled water. We read the indication on the bottles: keep it in a cool place in temperature no higher than 18ºC. However, the bottled water is carried mostly by open trucks mostly or is stored up in conditions with very high temperature. If we check the expire date, we will see that the bottled water stays stagnant, preserved in the plastic bottle over than 3 years. Actually, it is a question how many of us we can eat preserved food every morning, noon or night? That’s the same question about bottled water. People have to drink 2 liters of water at least every day. So…

If either the tap water or the bottled water is not safe what other solution will be?

The special Scientifics agree to this. In order to have clean, healthy drinking water in our home we must purchase a high-tech water filtration system, which will provide you with the safest and secured 100% clean, healthy filtered water with all the natural minerals.

The best Solution

The Imperial Maximum Club Water System (Imperial M) the third generation of Imperial with its 0.1 micron membranes reduces harmful trihalomethanes, volatile organic chemicals and critical inorganic such as lead. Also, cysts such as cryprosporidium and giardia lamblia, harmful influent bacteria odor and foul taste, discoloration, cloudiness, foam, chlorine, iron, rust. It gives clear, healthy water of the best quality having all the useful natural minerals.

Imperial Maximum Club Water System has been checked and certified by American Spectrum Laboratories, Ortech International, N.S.F. International (standard 053 & standard 042). Also, has been examined by State of California Department of Health Services, State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services and Aristotle University of Thessalonica.


What is Imperial Maximum made with

The external cover of Imperial Maximum Club Water System is surgical stainless steel T304 with a lifetime warranty. All its parts are made of the highest quality materials which have been checked and certified by F.D.A.

Twelve stages Filtration ensures protection

The ten stage prefilter is made of efficient polypropylene fibers. Large particles are trapped in the outer layers and fine particles in the inner layers providing excellent dirt holding capacity and longer filter life.

The activated carbon block provides the eleventh stage of the filter. Its ultra high efficiency is especially designed for the reduction of harmful trihalomethanes(TTHMs). The high-quality activated carbon also reduces volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and critical inorganics such as lead. The carbon block performs extremely well against chlorine.

The Ultipor®N66TM final stage filter is a high quality inner membrane with the capacity of cyst removal to 99.95%. Therefore, cysts such as cryptosporidium and giardia lamblia are effectively removed as well as other small micron sized organisms. Harmful bacteria 0.5 micron, in size and larger, are effectively reduced from the influent water.

It is just for our health. By purchasing simple, cheap water filter we may reduce from our water the color and some chlorine but not 100% all the harmful contaminants. We may think our water is safe but it is not. The solution is only Imperial Maximum Club Water System. It is the only water filtration we trust from which our water is 100% safe. It is just for our family’s health and us.

We, in Camelot take care for the quality of the water you drink.

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