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Imperial Stainless-Steel Bottle with Filter

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Stainless Steel Bottle Imperial with Filter

Imperial® (Made in USA) Portable Water Purification System

This Imperial® individual water filtration system is our answer as Camelot International Health Organization to the modern persons’ need for health and value for money.

This new filtration system with its internal special “straw” is the most advanced and laboratory-tested portable product for water filtration worldwide!

Its filter is designed with the exclusive nanotechnology “ionic absorption microfiltration ™” (which provides filtration capacity up to 99,99%) and has as a result the removal of damaging chemical and microbial contaminants for up to 940 fillings of 800ml which lasts for a year, whichever occurs first, with minimal cost.

This means big savings of over 400$ in comparison with the purchase cost of bottles with bottled water.

There are 7 types of people buying and using this product:

  1. People interested in good health.
  2. People interested in good taste, smell and the right quality in their drinking water.
  3. People travelling all over the world.
  4. People with an active way of life.
  5. People interested in and practicing prevention.
  6. People buying bottled water but who have doubts about its origin and quality.
  7. People interested in the environment.
  8. It is the ideal companion, providing safe and secure, quality drinking water on trips, where the quality of the water is put in question.

People with an active way of life and various hobbies like sports, walking, biking, swimming, camping or fishing obtain a safe drinking water quality from almost any source, such as the tap, a river, lake etc. (except salty water).

In cases of emergency when survival is threatened by floods, fires, earthquakes, typhoons, windstorms or terrorism – people can obtain drinking water using water from swimming pools, flood water and even WC cisterns.

It replaces expensive and hard-to-transport bottled waters. Now you can filter your water at any time, everywhere with guaranteed quality.


Only the filtration system Imperial® by Camelot with the exclusive ionization nanotechnology removes up to 99,99% of the following:

Aesthetics: unpleasant tastes, odors, turbidity, mud, sediments etc.

Chemical substances: trihalomethanes, toxic chemical substances, PCB, PCE, detergents, pesticides (DDT), chlorine etc.

Dissolved solids: heavy metals, aluminum, asbestos, cadmium, copper, lead, mercury, Radiological radon 222, viruses and pathogens like: Ε. Coli, salmonella, Giardia Lamblia, cryptosporidium, cysts etc.

The replacement filter is for 940 fillings of 400 gallons, a total of 200 gallons or for one year of use – whichever occurs first – with cost of less than 0,03 cents for 500 ml in comparison with the cost of 0,50 cents for water of questionable quality.

We save therefore 94% of our money for safer water with no contamination from plasticizers.

Protect yourself and your loved ones by filtering your water easily and simply with the portable filtration system every day and everywhere and rest assured that you will have clean water, with perfect taste and guaranteed quality at any time.


5 important reasons for buying the portable bottle Imperial with filter:

  1. You can use it repeatedly.
  2. It removes plastic waste, eliminates the need to buy bottled water. Every filter saves over 800 plastic 500 ml bottles.
  3. Safer water with food quality Τ304 stainless steel and without the harmful substance bisphenol Α (BPA free) and other plasticizers like styrene and phthalic.
  4. One filter provides 200 gallons of clean, healthy and fresh water.
  5. It is the most tested filter worldwide, both in laboratories and in real conditions.
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